“The Robbing of The Bride”
Art performance, Video, & Installation, 2011
Museum of Fine Art, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

In this performance I was The Marquis-Sha-De, the third character in a series of four characters I've created as symbols for the different stages one born with a birth defect goes through in relation to both self image and perception of self by others. This character is the most representational of my present day self. Less about being deformed, The Marquis-Sha-De is about the rejection of social, gender-based roles and the empowerment of the independent woman. I wore knife shoes and stood on top of a glass table, stepped on female archetypal symbols, while the viewers watched as two live-feed cameras projected the whole event.

The installation component consisted of a series of deformed handprints hanging in grid formation, the plexi-glass table, pedestals with sculptures/ modified objects used in the performance, and two pink fur covered televisions that played video of the character stepping on feminine symbols.

The following views show the installation that remained on view after the performance.