Four Deformances and Installation, One Spark Festival, At the entrance to MOCA, Jacksonville, Florida, 2014

This performance combined storytelling, singing, and installation. Each night of the festival I did a performance of each of my four characters. The installation was a stage and six 7 ft. tall panels with cut-outs for faces. There were rotorelief wheels with Marcel Duchamp’s psychedelic designs that people could spin from behind the panels as their friends took photos of them with their faces in the holes. More than 250,000 people attended the festival over four days and tens of thousands took photos of the installation.

"This is War!", performed as Marquis Sha De on day three of the festival. This involved a song accompanied by a military drum beat played by a musician on stage. Later I used my 2-fingered hand shaped sling shot to shoot stuffed animals into the crowd.

This is "Techno Holiday" and this character represents my future and always gives something back. In this performance I helped kids make art about diversity using their hand shape.